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Hybrid Electric Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters are saving money here in Austin.
If you have an electric water heater that needs replacing, you really need to consider going hybrid. Consumer Reports just completed a study that shows that heat pump water heaters are saving customers $325.00 a year in energy savings! That is hard to beat. That’s $3,250.00 dollars in your pocket in 10 years.
There are a couple things you should know. There is an air filter that will need to be cleaned monthly. If the filter is dirty, the heat pump won’t work. They need some room to breathe too. The minimum sized room is 10’x10’x 8’, so garages, basements, and attics would be excellent places to install these heaters. If you are not opposed to doing a little maintainance, and have the right location. This is the water heater for you. Did I mention that this qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit? that is a $450.00 credit that you will be saving on this years taxes.

If its time to replace your water heater, or you want to start saving some energy, Give us a call. We can come out, and show you some options that will fit your needs.

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