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Grand Strand Plumbing FAQs

Grand Strand Plumbing FAQs

Why do I have a smell coming from my garbage disposal?

There could be a buildup of food and/or deposit build up on the walls of your disposal.
Solution/Simple Fix – Pour a large glass of ice in disposal. Run disposal without water until ice is ground up fine then run water and smell should be gone.

What is the average life expectancy of a water heater?

The average life of a water heater is generally 7 – 10 years.

I have a sulfa or “rotten egg” smell coming from my hot water. What could it be?

Could be a water bred bacteria in the water heater. Depending on the age of the heater and your budget, you could drain water heater completely, pour 4 gallons of bleach in heater, refill heater with water until the smell of bleach comes out. Shut down water to the entire house for 24 hours. After the 24 hours, drain heater down completely again and refill. then run water until the bleach smell dissipates. VERY IMPORTANT – Be sure you turn off breaker to water heater during this process. Depending on the age of the water heater, if heater is more than 6-7 years old, replacement is more than likely recommended.

Why is my water pressure not equal on hot side vs. cold side?

Possibly the water heater could be getting clogged with mineral deposits.

Why do my toilets not flush like they used too?

It could be a simple flapper replacement or could be the age of the toilet. It could have a calcium build up in the jets which does not generate enough pressure to flush properly.

Why do I have a sewer gas smell in my bathroom or at my kitchen sink?

This could be due to 1 of 3 things.
1. Possibly a bad wax seal under the toilet.
2. In some homes you may have inline vents inside the cabinets nearest to sinks that may not be functioning properly.
3. Make sure to run water approximately 30 seconds in each sink, tub and shower every 2 weeks. This will fill the traps for each fixture. Even though they are not frequently used you must make sure the traps are kept primed at all times to avoid any sewer gases backing up into the home.

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